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E-Commerce Solutions


Basic E-Commerce solutions start at CAD $1500.

  • WooCommerce, Virtuemart, Opencart, Magento and others
  • Accept any Credit and Debit Cards, Paypal, E-mail transfers
  • SEO ready and optimized
  • Easy to manage and maintain
  • Mobile ready responsive design
  • Social Media, Paid Advertising, organic SEO and other marketing
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Product Description


To thrive in the highly competitive market, you need an attractive digital platform where visitors can learn more about your products and buy them easily. A 100% customized e-commerce store will get visitors’ attention and make it more likely they become leads and customers. The right e-commerce website will:

  • Deliver a beautiful, logical shopping experience to engage visitors and improve conversions
  • Increase revenues through strategic up-sells, cross-sells, and product recommendations
  • Automate inventory management processes and free up time for to focus on other aspects of its business

If you don’t invest in an e-commerce store customized to meet its unique needs, it could lose customers. A poorly designed online store gives visitors the impression that this isn’t the best choice to fulfill their needs, which could hurt market share and slow its long-term growth.

E-Commerce Solution

My services will create the following results:

  • Created an online store tailored to your unique needs – In the competitive market, it’s critical to grab visitors’ attention right away and convey the unique value you can offer. I create designs from scratch, giving you complete flexibility over the end product. You come away with a distinctive, engaging look.
  • Delivered a turnkey, revenue-generating solution – You don’t have hours to spend learning how to make your store work or worrying about the technical details. That’s why I offer a turnkey e-commerce solution. I’ll handle all the heavy lifting, and you’ll end up with a fully functional store ready to process sales from the moment it goes live.
  • Streamlined online store for ease of use and easy updates – An online store’s inventory is constantly changing. I’ll specifically design your store with that in mind, making it simple to use and modify as you grow. You’ll be able to effortlessly manage your inventory and make more sales with pinpoint precision – even if you aren’t tech savvy.

Recommended Services

To meet your needs, as outlined above, I recommend the following services as part of E-commerce project:

Design of Online Store

I will meet with you to hear your vision for an online store and offer input to help accomplish your business goals. Then, once a strategy is finalized, I will get to work creating a 100% customized e-commerce store to achieve vision and showcase products in an appealing way.

Setup of  Online Store

I will import all products from its current e-commerce platform into the new online store. I will export products from the legacy system, making sure to map product attributes like size and color, as well as to retain preferred product organization structure. This ensures a seamless transition to new online store.

Launch of Online Store

After finalizing the new e-commerce store design and importing product line, I will ready the store for launch. I will structure the store to target search keywords for the SEO benefit. Store will be fully functional and ready to accept orders immediately upon launch.

Training Session to Help Manage Online Product Catalog

Once e-commerce store is up and running, I will set up a time to meet with team to show them how to tap into its full potential. This training will cover dynamic inventory management, tracking and interpreting key sales performance metrics, and troubleshooting potential issues. Your team will come away from this session with all the knowledge they need to take over managing the online store with confidence.

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