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Pay-Per-Click Advertising


PPC campaign setup and management starts at CAD $300.

I’m Google Adwords Certified Individual so you can be sure that your will get maximum ROI.

  • No setup or hidden fees
  • No cancellation fees
  • No contracts
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Product Description

What Is PPC (Pay-per-click)?

PPC (Pay-per-click) is a form of online advertising where an advertiser pays when one of their advertisements is clicked on by website visitor.


Many people don’t realize, but when you do a search on Google, what you’re seeing on the results page is a mix of PPC ads and organic or natural listings. The PPC ads are typically found at the top of the page and sometimes along the right hand side and bottom of the page.


Well-managed and optimized PPC campaigns can be considered a cost-effective form of advertising.  Unlike traditional forms of advertising, PPC is designed to reach individual site visitors who have already expressed interest in a product or service offer by selecting and clicking on specific advertisements.

The advantage to this form of advertising is the ability to set a daily budget and to control the duration of your paid ads. This makes contextual advertising an effective tool to attract targeted visitors while having full control of your campaign.

PPC ads are a great option to compliment your inbound marketing efforts and maximize your coverage on.

Campaign overview

Paid Search is powerful way to get your listing up almost immediately and to have the most prominence on the search results page. With Paid Search, you can address multiple objectives – while other campaigns do not provide the same advantages:

  • Small initial investment


  • Maximum the return on your marketing investment
  • Highly-targeted website traffic
  • Immediate Search Visibility
  • The ability to set your own budget
  • The ability to set and increase local visibility
  • Real-time “Trackability”
  • Search Engine Optimization Can Be Reinforced with PPC Advertising

Once your competitive marketplace is analyzed and a comprehensive set of keywords are identified, we can launch an effective paid search strategy immediately, your site will be present in top search placements on all of the key search engines, thus increasing the number of targeted visitors to your website.


PPC process campaign explained

Pre-campaign activity

  1. Establish marketing budget and campaign objectives


Before we start researching any PPC or Paid Search campaign(s), we need to understand what your monthly media budget is. This will enable us to determine the proper budgeting strategies.


  1. Develop comprehensive list of applicable keywords


The first step in establishing a successful paid search campaign is to crawl your website to determine relevant keywords that drive traffic to your website. Also, some keywords may attract clicks from users who are actually searching for something else. Negative keywords and careful keyword selection are necessary to eliminate these unprofitable clicks.


  1. Research competitive landscapes and set bidding strategies


Once your site has been reviewed and analyzed, we will take a close look at your competitors. Additional keywords will be added to your campaign based on the competitive learning’s and bidding strategy (also based on your business objectives and target ROI) will be developed to ensure optimal placement in the search results. After completion, we will set tiered bid structure for buckets of different terms and campaign strategies (branded terms, competitor terms, generic terms, product titles, etc)


  1. Develop compelling creativity to drive results


To ensure your paid search campaign are effective and your efforts are maximized, we will create custom titles and descriptions for your listing that will drive results. As experts in Google’s editorial guidelines, we will also ensure that your listing meet their editorial parameters and go “live” as quickly as possible.


Campaign Setup


During campaign setup, we will do the following:


  1. Configure campaign parameters


We will configure:

  • Campaign name
  • Campaign budget limits
  • Client general and billing information
  • Keyword bids and preferred placement on the page for each ad
  • Geo-targeting for each ad in alignment with the geographical name of the client
  • Ad placement in the Google Content Network and Search Network
  • Time to day and days of the week keywords ads will be scheduled to run
  • Ad rotation


  1. Create ads and ad groups


Configure all the elements of each ad group in the campaign, including:

  • Keyword combination in the ad group
  • Keyword ad headlines
  • Keyword ad copy
  • Keyword landing pages


Ads will be tailored for every relevant keyword grouping to ensure maximum effectiveness and multiple keyword ads will be created for each keyword grouping and then tested in rotation to determine which type of copy draws the best response.

Campaign management


To be effective, keyword advertising requires frequent monitoring and adjustment. As part of campaign management, we will perform following:


  1. Monitoring


We will monitor your campaign to make sure campaigns are generating conversions with positive ROI


  1. Bid price adjustments


This plan defines the specific goals are the principal actions you want visitors to take on the site, which show increasing level of interest and commitment. For example, such actions could include downloading a document, signing up for a newsletter, purchasing a product, etc.


  1. Ad adjustments


Ad copy may need to be changed from time to time to increase response for given keywords. Multiple ads will be run in rotation and the underperformers will be replaced by new ads. In this way, ads in the campaign will consistently increase their effectiveness at generating clicks from prospects.


  1. Landing page adjustments


A keyword’s relevance score is calculated by Google and can affect the price you must pay to achieve favorable position for an ad associated with that keyword. Relevance is defined in large part by the alignment of copy on the landing page for the ad with the keywords and copy to ensure a high relevance score from Google for each keyword.


  1. Keywords


We will monitor your keywords in order to make sure keywords with negative ROI are paused, removed or substituted.


  1. Reporting


A report will be provided monthly to allow you to track visitor conversions over time. We will provide a monthly report with an analysis of important trends.

Additional Information


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