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Hi there, my name is Mike and I am a Toronto-based SEO expert. Over the last 8 years I’ve helped many small and medium-sized companies to grow revenue online through performance based SEO and digital marketing strategies and I’m ready to take your business to the next level.

I always stay up to date with the latest changes in search engine algorithms and digital marketing trend, and a vast experience in marketing websites in any industry and region help me continuously deliver exceptional results and positive ROI.

Besides performance oriented SEO services for B2B and B2C businesses, I also certified, trained and have experienced in:

  • Google Maps / Local SEO
  • Digital marketing strategy development and execution
  • Search engines penalties recovery / backlink profile clean up
  • Social media strategy and marketing
  • Web design and development
  • E-commerce developing and marketing
  • Paid marketing (AdWords, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin)
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Performance-Based SEO Strategies

If you want to drive leads and sales and grow your revenue online with SEO you need to work with SEO experts that know what it takes to improve website ranking on search engines. SEO can be very tricky in 2017 and many tactics that worked before might be obsolete now and can only harm your SEO performance. Even still some “SEO experts” will focus on building links, that in post-Penguin and Panda updates and the dawn of AI will blacklist your website for months and even years.

I know that each website requires different approach to on and off-site submissions in order to rank on the first page. My SEO services and analysis are focused on finding the shortest and safest way for you business to appear on Google and drive leads and business. I analyze and look at many factors before I propose a strategy and run optimization and some of them are: domain age, previous off-site SEO activities and backlink profile quality, search engine penalties, keyword monthly search volume and market competitiveness.

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Any Industry, Any Country

My SEO services will work for any website in any industry and country/city. In most cases SEO activities are universal and can help your business to rank on the first page if you hire me as your SEO expert. Some websites require local SEO and landing page optimization and the other – quality backlinks and content marketing strategy. I’ve offered SEO consulting services and improved ROI for websites and clients in the industries such:

  • Professional services
  • SaaS, Cloud, Software, Technology
  • Construction
  • Ecommerce, retail
  • Entertainment
  • Law Firms
  • Medical & Veterinarian
  • Real Estate
  • Educational institutions
  • Travel
  • Your industry here

in Canada, United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Netherlands, Ireland and other countries.

Dominate Search Results

Organic SEO services

Organic SEO

I will analyze your website, industry and competitors to find the right keywords that your prospects are searching for. An SEO strategy will be focused on improving your ranking and driving leads sales and revenue.



I setup, setup and manage Pay Per Click campaigns (PPC) on search engines that appear as sponsored results right below the search bar, and can draw the initial attentions of prospects. This can provide you with traffic (same day) and generate .

Local SEO services

Local SEO

If you have a physical location where you sell your products or offer services Local SEO can help you attract local prospects and get more local inquiries.

One Stop for SEO, Digital Marketing and Web Services

Digital Marketing

I prepare and implement leading Online Marketing strategies and services that fit your marketing budget, expectation and provide highest ROI.

  • Pay-Per-Click advertising.
  • Organic SEO in Google, Bing and Yahoo,
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Social Media Marketing

Ecommerce Services

Do you have an eCcommerce website and want to increase sales? Or you just thinking about starting a new one and need someone to help you out? I setup and managed many eCommerce platforms and payment gateways and can help you from planning to the first sale.

Website Maintenance

Maintaining and editing your website can be daunting task and I’m here to help you with any issues from slow speed, emails, domain and hosting setup and transfers to website redesign, SEO optimization, code editing, CMS installation and much more!

Local SEO

I analyse, develop and execute custom local SEO strategies for any websites and businesses. A full cycle optimization will include Google Maps pin creation, local directories and citation submissions, on-site optimization, reviews and reputation management and more to build your brand and trust.

Web Design and Development

I create responsive and beautiful websites with contact forms, galleries, maps, videos and images that easy to manage and edit. More to say all websites come SEO ready so to make sure your prospects will find you!

Web Analysis

Identifying your goals and how they relate to the online and Web presence. For instance, should the site inform customers about the company’s services, persuade them to have a certain attitude about products or ideas or actually allow direct sales? Analyzing your landing, products and informational pages to improve on-site SEO and user experience.

Hire an SEO Expert Today!

Please email or schedule a call with me to discuss your business goals and marketing strategy. Our initial conversation is free, while we discuss your project. If you would like to proceed, I charge hourly or per project, depends on services and work required.

As the most SEO experts I’ll need your website URL, keywords, target regions, marketing goals, previous SEO history and project budget to create a customized proposal that will meet your expectation.

Ask an SEO Expert: Common Questions about SEO

How long does it take to see results after I hire an SEO expert?

There are many different factors that will affect the timeline and results. Before I start my services I’ll analyse your website and based on your goals and budget will provide an estimate on how long it will take to rank your website on the first page and how much it will cost you. Some of the factors that I will consider:

  • How much content you have on the site, how frequently you update it
  • The quality of your backlink profile
  • Previous SEO activities and efforts
  • Keywords and niche competitiveness
  • Budget, goals and expectations

Websites with clean backlink profile and quality content can rank for low to medium keywords within 4-8 months. If you had any Google penalties, over optimization or low-quality content it can take an additional 1-4 months to rank it top 10.

If you need a quick turnaround and results we can set up a paid campaign on search engines and social media and you can see first visitors on the next day.

Should I wrok with SEO company or independanat SEO expert? Whats the difference?

If you think that working with SEO company can help you save time and money and get professional service you might be wrong. Your monthly SEO fee will usually include office lease, sales commissions, operational expenses, and some portion will go toward actual SEO activities that will be done by junior marketer. The junior SEOs not usually have experience or interest to execute on SEO strategy and deliver performance based services. In most cases you are paying for the brand, and majority of work are done by inexperienced marketers.

If you work with independent SEO expert you have a direct access to the knowledge, can get an educated answers (not the Sales templates) and your services fees are going towards importing your ranking and website. An SEO expert can be an extension of your team, attend meeting, review progress with you and you can be sure that his experience will help your business grow revenue online.

There are so many SEO experts and companies on Google. How are you different?

My policy is to be honest and transparent to prospects and existing clients. My goal is not just sell you the number of backlinks but to help your website get more traffic, calls and qute requests by optimizing competitive keywords with a good amount of search traffic and improve your ranking from “not in top 100” to “top 10” (first page) of Google. Other SEO experts will only mention “recommended period – 6 month”, “12 years in business”, “we helped 1000 companies”, “improve your ranking”, “get tons of traffic”, “be on top/front of Google” but all that won’t help your website be on first page of Google?

In average, the majority of keywords rank in top 10 within 3-8 months, some low competitive keywords for well-established websites rank even faster – within first 2 months. Although highly competitive keywords can take up to 12 months to rank on the first page. I provide a personalized analysis and advice to every client and closely monitor their SEO campaigns because your success is my goal!

I have a e-commerce/real estate/restaurant/roofing website. Do you have experience in my field?

My SEO work is a perfect fit for any type of websites and keywords, geographical area and type of optimization (global/local). Moreover, I know exactly what need to be done to, how much it will cost and how long it will take to rank you on the first page of Google. I worked on wide range of projects and clients that include local flower shop, real estate brokers, eCommerce websites (worldwide), in Toronto, Markham, Vancouver, Calgary, Los Angles, New York, London and others. I can rank any keyword for any website in any city and country.

How do you optimize websites? Do you use only white hat SEO techniques?

I have my own database of websites and services that Google likes and doesn’t consider as spammy or unnatural. In a backlinking campaigns I use a diversity of social media, bookmarking, articles, press releases, and directories that include only real websites with good SEO metrics, traffic and Google trust. I don’t use abused blog comments (1000 links on one page), abandoned websites spammed with links, hidden backlinks, redirects, automation software and other Black/Gray SEO techniques, also I don’t use spun/low-quality content as Google will easily detect such submissions and it can put your website at risk.

I only use white hat SEO Techniques that comply with Google Webmaster Guidelines.

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