Experts Share Their Tips on How to Market Your Company On LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is by far the best B2B marketing platform out there. If you want to collaborate, connect with, learn from, become an influencer or build your network, LinkedIn is the place to go.

Over the years, LinkedIn has become sophisticated for less tech-savvy users and somewhat complicated for newbies. As such, I thought I would ask industry experts for the best practices and marketing tips they use to gain more business and exposure on Linkedin.

Experts Share Their Tips on How to Market Your Company On LinkedIn

Q. What are Creative Ways to Promote Your Business on LinkedIn?


Adithya Murali

(Content Marketer)

One of the most underutilized ways to promote your brand on LinkedIn is leveraging conversations in niche groups.

The process is simple:

  1. Join a ton of groups that are focused on your core expertise area.
  2. Keep an eye on the questions that other members are asking.
  3. Regularly churn out content that solves these issues, and share it on LinkedIn pulse, and of course in the groups.

The great thing is that you’re creating content around topics that you’ve already validated, and are genuinely solving pressing problems by sharing it in the group, and building your brand in the process.


Minuca Elena

(Minuca creates awesome influencer roundups that provide quality content, brings huge traffic, and helps bloggers connect with influencers.)

 Since LinkedIn is a professional network, the opportunities to network on it with prospective clients is tremendous.

There are two excellent ways to promote your business on Linkedin:

  1. Write an article and engineer it to get on Linkedin Pulse: Linkedin allows you to republish articles on their site. A great strategy to increase your brand’s visibility and promote your brand on Linkedin is to write articles with the objective of getting them on Linkedin Pulse.
    Linkedin Pulse is the list of best articles in a sub-genre which is shown to all the people who have an interest in that sub-genre, so if your post is on it, your target audience sees it.
    It also positions you as an authority on your subject and promotes your business and its brand equity. You must be aware though that only the most exceptional article is added to Pulse so give it your best.
  2. Participate in groups: As you may know, Linkedin has various groups that specialize on different topics. Since you are anyway an expert on your business topic, understand which topics and groups are relevant for you.
    For example, I am an expert in making influencer roundups and my expertise is to increase the traffic to my clients’ sites. So I participate in groups and keep an eye open for mentions like increase traffic, get more website visitors, etc. and then I mention the benefits of influencer roundups.


Lukasz Zelezny

(Head of Organic Acquisition)

One of the most powerful way to utilize LinkedIn is LinkedIn Pulse – a built in blogging platform. Everyone who is inside your network will receive notification when new blogpost, written by you is live. You can think about these people like about subscribers.

Another example is content curation with DLVR.IT. You not always have enough time to write your own content. You can schedule content from reputable sources and post one on Your timeline every few hours. That way you keep your profile busy and you serving relevant content, tailored to your audience.

Finally consider Premium account. If you are seriously thinking about LinkedIn a premium account is a must.


Mickey Swortzel

(Utilizing LinkedIn for our Business)

LinkedIn provides an opportunity to share valuable information across the platform and become an industry resource to your contacts.  We work to promote our customers, vendors and stakeholders successes as well as tips and connection opportunities. This provides the platform on which to share about your unique business and the value proposition it brings to the market.

We also find LinkedIn’s recruiting platform provides another opportunity to build our brand among job searchers. Over the past three years we have purchased their recruiting service and have used their marketing tools within the recruiter site to highlight the work we’re doing, our company culture and our overall brand.


Lauren Cracower

People will only engage in topics that solve their problems or topics that interest them. If you stick to the LinkedIn platform only, LinkedIn groups can be a real gem in finding engaging content for your brand followers. Buzz Sumo or Groups can be an ideal place to see what type of questions and posts are drawing the most engagement in your respective industry. I always recommend that businesses update their status by adding pictures, questions and contests.

Due to the popularity of LinkedIn among professionals, there is enormous competition using this giant platform but if you are creative and helpful, you should see success in terms of post engagement and traffic to your website. Interesting posts with creative images that are posted at the right time of day, should definitely draw more page and post likes. Social signals can also help your SEO efforts. Check out this good post from Joe Balestrino about the integration between social networks and search engines.


Priya Florence Shah

Founder & CEO, Blog Brandz

The best way to get your brand name noticed is to optimize your company page and share content on it regularly and frequently. We tested sharing content 3 times a day versus 5 times a day, via Hootsuite, and found that we got more engagement on the company page when we shared content more often. Another way this boosts your brand visibility is when your page followers share your content with their own LinkedIn networks. To sum up, sharing relevant content more often helps grow your followers and increase your company page engagement on LinkedIn.


Saurav Kumar Nayak

For me, Linkedin has been really helpful as a social network so far and am putting a lot more focus on it, compared to the other networks where am active.
Here’s some of the things that has worked well for me in terms of getting traffic and leads from Linkedin.
1) Contributing to Linkedin Pulse – Submitting regular articles on the pulse, especially if they are unique and targeted to marketing, jobs, career etc. helps a lot in getting attention on the platform. Here, unique is what matters and even Neil Patel says so.
2) Follow people whom you know – If you are active on the blogosphere, you will find a lot of familiar faces on Linkedin. Send them connection requests. Once you are connected, vouch for their skills, send them sort messages so that they recognize you – like and share their contributions etc.
3) Get busy on the popular Linkedin Groups – Linkedin groups are helpful in spreading content and getting a lot of shares and mentions. But before sharing your own stuff, make sure to share and comment on other people’s updates.
4) Keep it active – As much as you share on your own personal Linkedin profile, make sure to keep your company page in Linkedin active as well. Share your Linkedin’s page on other social networks, give a clear mention to your page from your blog, do a newsletter update and let your subscribers know that you are active on your Linkedin page.
Linkedin is like any other social network and thus a few thumb rule apply to it and so does on any other network. Make sure to know the person well before sending them a request, keep auto-messages to a minimum of say Nil and keep it updated with relevant and useful updates – multiple times a day but spaced with a few hours time.


Vladimir Gendelman

When promoting yourself on LinkedIn, it’s important to follow the 4-1-1 rule. Don’t focus only on posting your own company’s products and offers, or your audience will sense that you’re only here to promote yourself.

For each piece of self-serving content you post, make another original post that offers other information related to your industry, and share four other pieces of content from other sources. This helps audiences to understand that you’re here to provide value, not just goad them into a sale. Give people a reason to follow you; make sure the content you’re posting is genuinely informative.


  • Latlon Technologies
    on October 13, 2016 Reply

    Linkedin being a largest professional network it has a important role in business promotion. But getting traffic from Linkedin is not much easy. You have provided a valuable expert suggestions , which will be effective. Thanks for sharing

  • Sammy Blackmore
    on November 10, 2016 Reply

    I don’t know if LinkedIn groups still have that value. Even in the popular groups that I have joined, there’s no conversation. Members are only busing sharing links to their website.

  • Sammy Blackmore
    on December 13, 2016 Reply

    I’m also a member of several “popular” LinkedIn groups, and I spend time commenting on other people’s posts – and when I say comment, they are “real comments” based from what I have read on their shared post, not just “nice post.” However, I couldn’t find any real value on participating in LinkedIn groups, since there are hardly anyone interacting at all, even in those so-called popular LinkedIn groups.

  • Sam Clarks
    on January 14, 2017 Reply

    Loved the round-up. Agree with the point of view shared by Minuca. LinkedIn is great for B2B level marketing but for B2C, I rely more on FB and Twitter. Asking for reviews and feedback is a great thing on Linkedin to solidify your profile.

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