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With thousands of SEO companies and experts listed on Google search you need to make sure you work with real experts in the field

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Finding an SEO expert can be hard work! The process of hiring expert or consultant in a sea of spam and fake merits has to be exhausting for those who do not have experience on the web and SEO world risking to not get a ROI keep paying and paying until you get completely lose all hope and money. Here are some important tips that will help you build a clearer picture of SEO industry and find a professional company that that’s right for you and builds a long-term, trusting relationship.


Ignore Top SEO Lists And Directories

The SEO industry as a whole doesn’t make it any easier to find and authentic SEO company perpetuating a very real reputation management problem through pay-to-play “Best SEO Company” lists. There a many “Top SEO Companies” list and directories which you probably have seen on the web that claim to use different metrics to evaluate the performance and retention rates, but the truth is it just the made up words. To be listed there companies pay other a thousand dollars per month (the more they pay the higher their “rank”) which defeats the purpose of finding the real professional and reliable SEO services. Clients information, revenue, number of employees and other metrics are provided by SEO experts and can’t and won’t be fully verified by any of the “Top SEO Companies” listings. In addition, not a single SEO agency appeared on more than one list and you’ve might never heard of most of them. Now, this doesn’t mean those firms don’t provide great service, but you need to be aware that most of them are practicing long term contracts, usually overpriced and does not guarantee the best deal or services.

What value do these lists provide when so many require paid inclusion or they are limited by the reach of their community and brand?


Beware Of Backlinks Sellers


In the recent age of SEO after Google Panda and Penguin algorithms updates a standard backlink building will not work anymore and can actually harm your website’s ranking when done wrong. When you think you have settled yourself with a good SEO package that includes 1000′s backlinks for a good price think twice. Those links will come to your site from links farms, bad neighborhoods (adults and pharmacy websites build links there as well) or websites that Google consider as spam. Creating backlinks for the sake of getting more traffic and higher rankings won’t work anymore.

SEO expert can bring you real value and clients only if it measures he’s work in ranking improvements in Google, reputation management, leads generation and traffic growth.


Affordable But Not Cheap

Are you just starting your business online and want to give an SEO a try to see how it works and what is all about? You found a website that ranks in Google’s top 10 for “affordable SEO services” keywords and want to buy a $50, $100 or $200 SEO package that promise you high ranking or tons of traffic? Well, it might work if you want to optimize low competitive non-commercial keywords such as “learn how to play guitar”, but if your services are very competitive (plumbers, tree services, e-commerce, flower shops, financial services, real estate and etc.) you need to understand that you will compete with websites and businesses that have thousands dollars in monthly budgets for their own internet marketing campaigns. To outrank them and stick on the first page of Google you need be ready to spend at least $1000/month on your 3-5 keywords campaign for at least 6 months – this is where orders from organic search will start paying off your SEO campaign. The higher the stakes and average deal size the more competitors you will have to outrank, the higher budget will be. The most expensive markets are financial, medical, real estate, law, dental, e-commerce where prices can start from $1000/month.


Timeline Is Important


Once you get more info and proposals from SEO experts you would like to work with, pay attention to proposed timeline to reach first page (top 10) rankings. No one can give you ranking guarantees because it is impossible to control organic SERP (search engine results pages) as Google always updates it’s ranking algorithms a prevent websites from fast rankings improvements. If SEO expert is telling you that “We guarantee that you will be on top 10 in 4 month (or 6 months)” that is a scam. There only 2 ways you can reach top 10 that fast: Black Hat SEO or Pay Per Click and in both ways you will get temporarily results and will pay a lot of money risking blacklisting your website. I’d say that it will take 6-12 months to get on top 10 in organic results and it depends on many factors like content quality/value, current ranking, previous SEO activities, level of competitiveness in your business and etc.

The most important factor is to get an estimate for your website to rank top 10 (first page). Be aware that most of the companies use terms “most of our clients website rank within 6 months”, “your traffic will increase after 1 month”, “it can take up to 8 months” and etc. which will mean you might end up paying year after year without seeing any results without complementary services or discounts. If your website used authentic SEO optimization before it would take 6-8 months to reach top 10, and over a year if your website had Black Hat SEO, has been penalized by Google or does not comply Google Webmaster Guidelines. If SEO expert refuses to explain what will happen after 6-8 months if your website will not rank or offer free of charge services, know that your money might go down the drain.


Organic VS Pay Per Click VS Google Maps

Organic vs PPC vs Google Maps

Make sure you understand the difference between digital marketing services and know what type of services company is offering. Some companies offering SEO services that appear to be just Pay Per Click ads in Google which can be very expensive and ineffective if setup improperly. Some types of “SEO services” will only help you to add your business to Google Maps which is completely different local SEO services and optimization. Get full specification on the type of services before the purchase via emails, phone calls or proposal.


Do Not Fall For Google Partner and AdWords Badges Right Away

The truth is that Google does not partner with any company for organic SEO services and Google Maps optimization. No one knows exactly how search engine algorithms work and no one can affect and predict how Google indexes, evaluates and ranks websites. Adwords and Google partner badges only mean that SEO company has a specialist who has been trained and has experience with Google Adwords (that has nothing to do with organic SEO) and can help you setup and manage Pay Per Click campaign. Google Adwords is free for everyone to register and run your ads as long as you have the budget for advertising.

Talk to me if you are looking to hire a reputable SEO expert before jumping into any questionable SEO services.


  • Peter
    on January 30, 2017 Reply

    The top thing to make sure that your SEO service provider deals with pure White Hat SEO. PBN and other grey hat techniques can drive results faster but they are not long lasting.

  • Superbsys
    on December 18, 2017 Reply

    According to Google there is no SEO that is acceptable and all is against their rules, no matter black, red, yellow, or white hat … . So lets get real it’s all manipulating the algorithms to gain higher rankings. However the so called “white” hat SEO spams less and actually brings value to the internet and the visitors, whereas the rest of the techniques is more of spamming the internet.

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