How Has SEO Changed in Recent Years?

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If you have heard much about search engine optimization, you might have come across quite a few people who have panicked about changes that have been made over the past few years. You could also be wondering if these changes can affect you and your website. The tweaks that have been made throughout the years might seem like a negative thing, but they can actually be very positive. To help ensure that your site isn’t affected, however, you should understand how SEO has changed in the last few years and how it will continue to change.


A Focus on Getting Rid of Spam

You might remember how the Internet — and search engine rankings — used to be littered with spam when you would look for information on certain topics. Although there is certainly no shortage of spam on the World Wide Web nowadays either, major search engines have made changes to help prevent these sites from popping up at the top of the search engine rankings. This means that Black Hat SEO techniques and spam methods are now severely penalized by major search engines and can cause these sites to be removed from the listings completely for a rather long period of time.


Accommodating Changes to the Industry

In the past, everyone used their personal computers to access the World Wide Web. Now, this isn’t necessarily the case. Although there are certainly a lot of computer users out there, many people also use their tablets, cell phones and more to get on the Internet. To keep up with these changes in the industry as a whole, Google and other search engines have put a focus on ranking websites that are easily viewable and usable for people who use all different sorts of devices.


The Need for High-Quality Content

When people get online and type something into their favorite search engine, they frequently do so because they are looking for information of some sort. In the past, a lot of people were disappointed by the content that they found when using Google and other favorite search engines, so these search engines have made changes to SEO needs to help provide readers with what they are looking for. In order to operate an effective SEO campaign, you need to create articles, blog posts and other types of content for your website and backlinks that people, not just search engines, will actually want to read.


A Focus on Social Media

Recent changes to SEO have now put a surprising focus on social media. Since many people use social media profiles, search engines want to make it easy for people to find the businesses and people that they are looking for on these sites. This means that you will probably want to create social media profiles on all of the major sites if you want to make your SEO campaign as relevant as possible in today’s world.


As you can see, a lot of things about SEO have changed in recent years. By hiring a trusted SEO Consultant in Toronto you shouldn’t have to worry about your SEO campaign failing.

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