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In average, ongoing SEO services for 5-10 keywords cost CAD $1000/month.

Timeline and Ranking Improvements:

For most sites it takes 4-9 months to rank on top 10 (first page) of Google.  Performance based SEO services and techniques I use in off and on site SEO optimization gradually improve website ranking for long and short tail keywords month after month until they reach first page on Google SERP (search engine results Pages) and local/maps results.


  • No setup or hidden fees
  • No cancellation fees
  • No contracts
  • Results oriented, not number of backlinks
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What Is Search Engine Optimization and How Can I Help Your Business?

Search Engine Optimization refers to methods used to increase organic search traffic to a website from search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing! etc.) by increasing its position in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) for related keywords.

Every second there are thousands of people who are searching for products and services on the Internet. Chances are, you’ve done the same before making a purchase or calling the business. By simply using a search engine, entering in a keyword phrase, chances are you were looking for and clicking on the first results that appeared.

Google Maps SEO

Website Search Rank Position Organic CTR(Click Percentage) % Time Spent on a website
1 36.4% 28.43%
2 12.5% 25.08%
3 9.5% 14.72%
4 7.9% 8.70%
5 6.1% 6.02%
6 4.1% 4.01%
7 3.8% 3.01%
8 3.5% 3.68%
9 3.0% 3.01%
10 2.2% 2.34%

Click Through Rate for Google’s first page results


So if your website does not appear on the first top 10 results or first page, 99% of users will never find your business online.

The tricky part of obtaining higher organic traffic is to get into the top 10 results, and that is where my SEO services come into play. My services will help your website gradually improve its ranking on Google from outside of top 100 (10th page) to entering top 10 ranking (1st page). My result-oriented SEO services will protect you from any unexpected search algorithm updates and unnecessary additional investments.

To provide and maintain top 10 ranking, I propose the following monthly SEO activities:

Outline of Services: On-site Optimization

On-Site Search Engine Optimization /Ongoing Monthly
Search Engine Optimization Tasks Details
Optimize JavaScript
  • Prevent slow down and errors
Optimize Images Alt Tags
  • Will display your images in Google image search
Optimize CSS (Style Sheet)
  • Help to improve browser compatibility
Optimize H1, H2 (Header Tags)
  • Help search engines find right keywords on a page
XML Sitemap and Submission
  • Helps Google to faster discover and crawl new pages
Add/Optimize Site Footer
  • Improving Inbound link structure
Improving Site Architecture
  • Helps Google better understand website structure
Navigational Menu Optimization
  • Improving Inbound link building
Improve Code Structure
  • Get higher in Google Ranking
Page Speed Analysis
  • Provides visitors with more comfortable browsing
Link Flow – SEO Sculpting Analysis
  • Helps for better ranking
301 Redirect Analysis
  • Prevents duplicate pages
404 Page Not Found Optimization
  • Improves navigation
Robots.txt File Optimization
  • Allow Google to crawl what you want
Duplicate Content Evaluation
  • Prevents being penalized by Google
Enhancement of Existing Content
  • For better ranking
Meta Descriptions and Titles
  • Target specific keywords
Keyword Density Analysis
  • Make pages comfortable to read

Not every website requires the same on-site SEO optimization to be completed. During the length of your SEO services I will continuously monitor and fix all the issues that can prevent your website from ranking. I will mostly work on the most important factors that can prevent Google from access, crawl, index or recognize your website:

  • Titles and meta tags
  • Duplicate content
  • Improper search engine tags
  • Poor or insufficient content
  • and other


Outline of Services: Off-site Submissions 

Off-Site Search Engine Optimization (Backlink Campaign) /Ongoing Monthly
Search Engine Optimization Tasks Details
Major Search Engine Submissions Top search engines
High-Quality Backlinks One Way, Do-Follow links creation (PR1 and higher)
Forum commenting Profiles and posts
Article Writing and Submission Articles optimized for your keywords
Live Blog Commenting Comments for blog posts
Google +1 Google +1 buttons pressed
Facebook Likes Likes for your pages
Twitter Retweets for your domain
Directory Submission Manual Relevant Directory Submission (PR1-PR5)
Press Releases Submissions to different Feeds
Social Bookmarking  Submissions


Backlinks Strategy:

I don’t use automated software or Black Hat SEO methods (bulk submissions, link farms, duplicate or spun content) that could adversely harm your site. All articles and press releases are written by different writers and submitted onto selected blogs, articles directories, and press releases sites that aren’t open to the public so it helps me to keep them authoritative for Google, prevent spam, and still remain efficient enough to rank even highly competitive keywords.

I measure my work in ranking and traffic improvements, not in the number of submissions or hours of work.

I have the ability to increase or lower the number of submissions to follow the timeline for your top 10 ranking. After the recent Google search algorithm updates, I mostly use articles, blog posts, press releases, social media signals and social bookmarks as they will provide results.


Backlinks: Quality is what matters, not quantity

As per the recent Google search algorithm updates (Panda and Penguin), more focus has to be put on the actual quality of links and the speed of which they are placed. Some SEO experts offer you packages of hundreds of high PR links. These packages often contain links placed on irrelevant pages, directories, link farms, spammy forum profiles, submitting spun articles and can be extremely harmful to your campaign and page rank. Google can easily track these activities, and in the worst case, can de-index your site or drop your ranking to the 30th page of Search Engine Page Results (SERP) without warning.

I utilize the most organic way of creating links by setting up a schedule (equal portion of links every day with verified indexing by Google) submitting your links, articles, press releases, and social bookmarks to public and privately owned directories and websites.

I also have experience in recovering website ranking after any black hat, backlink blast and any other ineffective SEO services offered by other so-called “SEO experts”.

Lead By Example:

I have worked with a wide variety of clientele that allows me to leverage a broad array of real-life experience, statistics, and conclusive data for the benefit of my clients. I’m a Toronto SEO expert who stays abreast of all the latest SEO developments, algorithm changes, Google patent submissions, and other cutting edge SEO information.

With 8 years of local and global SEO experience and a number of satisfied clients from different countries and continents, I would love to help you and your business reach its potential!

Remember how easily it was to find my website when you searched “Toronto SEO expert,” “Toronto SEO service” or even “SEO specialists”? This proves how effective SEO services can be for your business! I know how to utilize the full power of organic SEO, and my site is a perfect example of how flawlessly SEO campaigns can work for you too.

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SEO for 5 keywords, SEO for 10 keywords, SEO for 20 keywords


Based on competitiveness. Starts at $600/month for 5 low competitive keywords. Average $900/month


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